5 Trends in 2013 Fall’s Fashion

3 Letters Block Gold Monogram Necklace

3 Letters Gold Monogram Necklace

Fall is almost here and we need to start thinking about changing the summer wardrobe. The 2013 collection seems to be one of opposites attracting. So, let’s check five of the trends of the next season:
1. Floral prints continue to be trendy in the fall also. They are incorporated in tailored shapes and can be worn with any kind of accessories, for example, a name necklace, as long as you keep a simple line.

2. Leather can add to your look a touch of rock-and-roll, even if you choose a jacket or an a-line skirt. Leather brings a contrast of feminine and tough. Color leathers are there for those wanting to have an eye-catching outfit.

3. Feathers appeared in 2013 fall in the collections of designers like Sue Wong, Gucci or Vivienne Westwood, in a ready-to-wear version. Soft and light, feathers highlight each silhouette with elegance and grace. You can add a monogram necklace to define a luxurious look.

4. Military inspired look, by using colors like khaki green or blue navy, in tailored tops or slim pants. It’s more of a girly version of the utilitarian trend.

5. Head-to-toe winter white is another trend of this fall’s fashion. Even if it seems very simple, white can become glamorous and elegant.

So, from leather or feathers to simple gray or white outfits, this fall will be full of surprises in the matter of fashion, and gives us many reasons to go shopping.

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