Another “Bad Hair Day”?

name necklace shooting behind the set 6

name necklace shooting – behind the set

Versatility describes the best the autumn / winter 2013 hairstyles that want to bring a touch of drama to the streets. The catwalk provides us with cinematic hair trends, suited for strong and powerful woman. Classy or modern designs, they are all meant to mirror women’s inner beauty.

As seen filling the runways at Louis Vuitton, Prada or Roberto Cavalli, the main trend is the cinematic t wet look hairstyle, which exhale beauty and sensuality.


The classic bob is also fashionable, and, by Gold Plated Name Necklace collection SKU NNSC69its gentleness is complementing the melancholic coming fall collection. For this type of hairstyle accessories are very important, so you can choose personalized jewelry, for a stylish and personalized look.  For example, wear a personalized name necklace or a customized set of earrings that will define an elegant and feminine look.

Another trend very fashionable would be the boyish, high-gloss cuts, which, by contrast, enlighten feminine beauty and shapes.
Ponytails are still trendy, and, even though, most of the times are considered a very simple hairstyle, this season they will expand their horizons. Hairstylists recommend the low-slung ponytails for coming fall/winter season. Simple, yet sophisticated choice, low-slung ponytails will add a touch of feminity to your look, by highlight your make up and your traits.

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