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2 Letters Silver Name Necklaces

2 Letters Silver Name Necklace

School is about to start, after a long and relaxing summer vacation, and this can be a new opportunity to add something new to our wardrobe. Even if you are in college, or high school, if you are a teacher or a mom, you need to keep up with the new trends.
Casual outfits are the most common option for school, and jeans are usually a part of it. Jeans are fashionable this year in hot colors like pink, lime green, and any other color of the rainbow instead of the traditional blue, especially if you want to get noticed.

Skinny jeans are still in trend, along with super skinny jeans and cottony jean leggings. In BLK DNM or DKNY’s, the most popular styles are skinny jeans and narrow straight jeans. As always choosing a classic clean design is always a good option like the new classical “Made in the USA” Levi’s® and Brooks Brothers exclusive collection.

For blouses or dresses, polka dots, camo prints, flannel, graphic and geographic prints, tribal prints or floral prints are trendy, and can be worn with leather bomber jackets and oversized slouchy blazers.

Levis Brand and Brooks Brothers  Exclusive Collection(prnewswire/Levis Brand and Brooks Brothers) http://prn.to/anmhc0

Levi’s® Brand and Brooks Brothers Exclusive Collection

Jeans and tall boots — from wellies to riding boots — go along just great together, and are very comfortable and practical for school.

Maxi skirts are the perfect choice if you want an elegant look but you also want to stay comfy. Add a simple top and accessorize your outfit with a name necklace. A silver name necklace can add a trendy touch to any casual outfit, and, if you are a newcomer, can bring all attention on you.

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