Big Bags, Small Bags and Personalized Jewelry?

I LOVE YOU Gold Plated Heart Name Necklace

“I LOVE YOU” Name Necklace

When we are choosing a handbag, we are usually thinking of many things, like what we will wear with it, if it is big enough for all the stuff we want to put in, if it matches the shoes or necklaces we like to wear, so this can be a very difficult task.

The 2013 collections of handbags make this decision even harder by its variety of designs, materials and colors. Bags with geometric lines or geometric prints are one of the fashion trends of the season. They are stylish and suited for any occasion.
Handbags in hot, strong colors, like Tasee Braces’s leather handbags which comes is pink, green, yellow or indigo are in trend and can make you very noticeable and stylish.
On the other side, fashion designers like Alexander McQueen, Nina Ricci or Chanel emphasize the fact that not only bright colors are noteworthy.

Tasee Braces's Leather Handbags for New York 2013 Fashion Week (prweb/Tasee Braces)

Tasee Braces’s Leather Handbags for New York 2013 Fashion Week (prweb/Tasee Braces)

Bags in black, white and pastel colors are also fashionable and can be added to an office outfit or even an elegant dress. To complete your look, you can try to add to it a simple and elegant silver name necklace or gold name necklace if you wish to add some glamour and chic to your look .

You can go even further, and try wearing a vertical name necklace and a handbag with reptile leather print, one of the hottest actual trends. You will definitely get a glamorous and enviable look.

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