Celebrity Kids Personalized Jewelry

Stardoll is jcpenney's new, exclusive brand at jcp.com. (PRNewsFoto/jcpenney)

Stardoll is jcpenney’s new, exclusive brand at jcp.com. (PRNewsFoto/jcpenney)

Back to school shopping is a five figure event if you’re one of the fashion world’s elite customers. With more celebrity magazines and social media outlets than ever, the children of celebrities have become just as visible as their parents when it comes to showing fashion sense. Celebrities and members of upper class social circles understand the importance of looking amazing at all times and recognize that their kids are often seen as a reflection of them.

Designers recognized this too. Recently, designers such as, Jcpenney, Oscar de la Renta and Dolce & Gabanna launched a special line of kids’ clothes to meet the demand of their fashion forward clientele. The lines have been selling well to their desired demographic though most of us could hardly afford Gucci for ourselves, let alone our kids.

The kids’ lines mirror their adult counterparts and even have kids jewelry versions of iconic pieces such as charm personalized bracelets or monogram necklaces. Dolce & Gabbana’s jewelry line conjures a fairy tale world of encrusted jewels fit for a prince or princess.

  •  I LOVE YOU Gold Plated Heart Pedant I LOVE YOU Gold Plated Heart Pedant "I LOVE YOU" Name Necklace
  • Gold Plated Fairy Name Necklace Gold Plated Fairy Name Necklace 14k Gold or Gold Plated Fairy Name Necklaces
  • Bear Name Necklace Bear Name Necklace Bear Name Necklace

The result of the designers’ lines are kids that look refined, polished and as trendy as their parents. As long as retail stores keep making affordable versions of the items we see and love, we can look forward to the back to school season as much as we would if we were at Gucci.

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