Dresses and Fashion in the Summer

In the summer, fashion is getting more colorful and creative. It is all about loose, bright color dresses–which you can just throw over your swim-suite–, light accessories or comfortable shoes.
Usually, the most important part of an outfit is the dress. It’s easy to wear and it also can be very feminine. So, what is in trend this summer?
This season, Monogram necklaces and floral print dresses like Desigual’s 2014 spring-summer  collection are fashionable; also dresses with ruffles and a retro look can make you stylish. Oriental prints or black and white combinations can be found too in this season’s trend along with sexy mini dresses which don’t seem to go out of style anytime soon.
Geometry and fashion make a great couple this year. From jumbo stripes to cubes, a dress with geometrical shapes highlights women’s feminine lines in a very elegant way. Accessorize it a golden name necklace and you will have yourself an extravagant look.
Transparency is another characteristic element of the summer 2013 fashion. A delicate organza dress is sexy and feminine and will make all heads turn.
With the right accessories you can turn every dress in a very elegant and glamorous outfit. You can wear it with a name necklace and you will get a very stylish and personalized look.

monogram necklaces

round silver monogram necklace

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