Gold Plated Name Necklace

If you want a piece of jewelry that is beautiful and personalized, look no further than name necklaces. They are unique to you, can be customized to fit your style, and are a piece of jewelry that you can wear with everything from jeans to evening gowns.

Gold Plated Name Necklace

Gold Name Necklace design#GP190

Gold Name Necklace design#GP190

Many name necklaces are plated in gold. It gives it a prestigious look that is very popular among the younger crowd. You could say that it started with Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City. She had her gold plated name necklace that almost became an extension of her. It was her trademark. Your gold plated name necklace could have the same effect.

Silver Name Necklace
Silver Name Necklace with cupid
Maybe gold isn’t your color. There is no reason why you can’t go with a silver name necklace. It has the same elegance, but in a more subdued fashion. It blends in better with your attire without getting lost in it. If you are less of a flashy person, you may want to stick with the silver. You can still customize this name necklace the same way you would be able to customize the gold styles.

Customize It

The great part about name necklaces is that you can customize it any way you would like. There is more that you can choose besides the option of silver and gold.

For example, you can choose what kind of font is used for your name. You may want something that is elegant with a flourish. You may be the type of girl who wants her name in big and bold letters. It is entirely up to you whatever font you prefer. The important part is that it speaks to you.

You can also choose what additional accent, if any, you want on your name. For example, you may be able to dot an “i” with your birthstone. You may also be able to add a heart or butterfly to the end of your name. You may be able to add an flourishing underlining to the name. You can choose any combination of these extras or none at all. Again, it all depends on what speaks to you the most.


Perfect Gift Idea

One of the great things about name necklaces is that they make such perfect gifts. You can get one for a girlfriend, and she will know that it was a totally personalized gift. It is something she will cherish for years to come because it is so unique to her. Of course, name necklaces also make a great gift to yourself. Why not celebrate you every once in a while? Treat yourself to a customized name necklace to express yourself and remember who you are at the root of it all.

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