How to Wear a Name Necklace with Other Jewelry

Name necklaces are quite lovely on their own, but how do you match them with the rest of the accessories you want to wear today? And how can you mix it up a little, and use your name necklace to change your look from elegant to edgy?
1) How to Match It

When it comes to picking your jewelry for an outfit, consistency is the key for a look that works. Your necklace, earring, bracelets and rings  all tell a story about who you are today – are you elegant and demure? Are you girly and romantic? Are you embracing your inner rock star?

The rule of thumb for consistency is material and size. In general your jewelry can be split to two groups – warm colors and cold colors. Warm colors include yellow, orange, red, brown and some shades of pink. Meaning that jewelry made of  (or plated with) pink gold, yellow gold, copper, brass, bronze and the like would usually match each other. Cold colors include silver, blue and white, so jewelry made of silver, white gold, platinum, pearls clear crystals or diamonds would look good together.

Jewelry is bright and shiny for a reason. Its job is to capture light and then reflect its radiance upon your face and body to make you glow. But when we mix together jewelry of opposite hues, instead of complementing each other (and you) they compete with one another by casting contradicting hues upon your skin. So stick to one group to make the best of it.

The second aspect to take into consideration is size and thickness. If you’re wearing a thin and delicate necklace, its beauty will be silenced out if you match it with thick and heavy earrings or bracelets. And if you are wearing a bold necklace whose presence simply cannot be ignored, you should balance it out with several dangling bracelets, and anything but stub earrings.
2) How to Mix It

Check out Beyonce’s name necklace, boasting her pride at baby daughter Blue Ivy. Beyonce is a loving mom, but she’s also an uncompromising fashionista, and she’s here to show us how to enjoy both worlds. What’s the key to wearing your name  necklace with other necklaces without looking messy or tacky?

First of all, be consistent with the colors and don’t mix warm colors with cold colors. You already know why. As for the second rule of consistency, you can play with different pendant sizes, but try to keep it to chains which have similar thickness. In most cases you will be mixing together thin chains or medium chains, because layering thick chains can be quite uncomfortable.

Second, always layer necklaces and chains that have significantly different lengths.  If one pendant is resting close to your neck, the other should pass down your collar bone, and the next should be closer to your chest. Otherwise you’ll have one big clutter.

Name necklaces come in wide range of designs and possibilities, and you should feel encouraged to experiment with the looks that you are going for. Once you get the hang of mixing and matching jewelry, you name necklaces will become the most useful accessories you have.

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