Industrial Personalized Jewelry

"dog tag" style silver name necklace

“dog tag” style silver name necklace

Styles change constantly and sometimes it’s a huge shift in what becomes fashionable and sometimes it’s a nice twist on what we love. In the last few months, we’ve noticed that there is a huge emerging trend in personalized jewelry. Something new we see popping up everywhere is stamped or embossed jewelry. It is so creative and versatile!

As jewelry designers look for ways to reinvent themselves, often they’ll take a look at the materials they’re working with and find new ways to utilize it. As a result, taking interesting silver plates or pieces and creating some kind of name necklace has become very popular. The styles can be as utilitarian as mimicking a military dog tag or as fanciful as a detailed pendant adorned with accents beads and findings. Marc Jacobs even showcased a pair of earring in his recent line made out of a series of bolt nuts.
We see an amazing blend of what seems almost industrial made to look flattering and gorgeous. It’s an incredibly clever way for women to show that they too have different sides to them. A woman can wear an intricately crafted silver name necklace made from materials that let everyone know she’s a little tougher than she might let on. We love that idea and salute it! Anything to make sure people know us ladies are a force to be reckoned with

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