Louis Vuitton Six’s Fashion Celebration Opening in Tokyo

Louis Vuitton Alma

Louis Vuitton-Alma Design (prweb/Louis Vuitton)

Without a doubt, the world’s most iconic handbag designer is Louis Vuitton. This week, according to Vogue News, the company announced its latest exhibition, planned to take place in Tokyo. These exhibitions are more than a way to showcase the company’s talent and often feature ways for the public to actually interact with the pieces. These exhibitions are on the same level as elaborate art displays with this upcoming one paying homage to some of the company’s muses including Kate Moss and Sofia Coppola.

Every woman has dreamed of wanting a Vuitton at some time. Nothing is more classic, coveted and recognizable and why wouldn’t it be?  That dark brown leather and gold VL monogram are synonymous with quality and style. In so many shapes and sizes, the design has always remained the same with variations year after year.

As fall comes around the corner, Louis Vuitton handbags that may have been shelved in closets in exchange for bright summer bags will come on back out. We’ll want to pair them up with our leather boots, coats and sweater. A great way to compliment those signature letters is to don a gold toned name necklace with your own initials. Monogrammed name necklaces offer the same kind of simplicity that feels feminine and still just as comfortable as that well worn Vuitton you love to carry.

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