Make Your Own Text Chat Jewelry

Personalize jewelry is a great way to make romantic gesture or to express meaningful emotions, but who says you can’t also use it to have a little fun? Want an original, funny, or sassy piece of jewelry that carries something of the spirit of the time? Or how about a cool and funny birthday gift for someone special that gets your humor? NameNecklaceSale’s monogram collection can be used to create your own text chat jewelry!

There are two kind of monogram jewelry: lace or filigree monograms which are the classic cursive intertwining monograms, and block monogram jewelry that feature print letters. The block monograms are more suitable for creating chat text necklaces, bracelets, rings or earrings, because it is more clearly readable and the effect is awesome.

So, what king of text chat necklaces or other jewelry can you make with 3 initial monogram necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings?

Funny text chat jewelry -
Use chat abbreviation to create a modern piece a jewelry with a funny or bold statement. How about a necklace that spells out OMG (oh my God), LOL (laughing out loud), CYA (cover your ass) or WTF (what the f**k)?
Another funny option are textualizations of sounds such as MMK, DUH, or WAM. And how about saying something about yourself? Are you a QT or just BAD

Thank You text chat jewelry -
Do you want to express your gratitude for someone who helped you out when you really needed? You can customize a necklace or bracelet saying TFM (thanks from me), or IOU (I owe you).

Motivational text chat jewelry -
How about wearing around your neck or wrist something a bit more inspirational that reflects your character? For example GFI (go for it) necklace, or JDI (just do it) bracelet.

Friendship text chat jewelry -
The phrase BFF (best friend forever) needs no introduction and it is a lovely gift for a dear friend. Other options include IMP (in my prayers), and the classic LUV necklace.

Romantic text chat jewelry
Last, but far from least, you can create a romantic text chat necklace with well known acronyms and abbreviations such as LUV, HAK (hugs and kisses), LOK (lots of kisses), IDL (ideal), FAV (favorite), IYQ (I like you), AML (all my love), LYL (love you lots). Such a necklace or bracelet is guaranteed to warm the heart of the lucky recipient.

NameNecklace.com’s block monogram jewelry come in a selection of designs that suit both women and men of all ages. Whatever letters and styles you pick, keep in mind that you are getting top quality jewelry in an unbeatable price!


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