Metallic Shoes, a Must-Have for Any Woman

The metallic trend is very popular this summer too, from bags to blouses or dresses, but mostly in footwear. Metallic shoes, considered a classic piece of outfit, continue to surprise fashion lovers through their shape, design and by being easy to adapt to any style.
They come in different shapes, from office-appropriate slingbacks to street chic sneakers, strappy heeled sandals or menswear inspired brogues. You can wear them in the office, as well as at a party or an event, and they will add a bit of glamour to your look.
Even if you choose the traditional colors — silver, bronze or golden — or you prefer the colored metallic, these shoes will represent the focal point of your outfit, so it’s best to wear them with a simple outfit.
They go along perfect with neutrals and pastels, and

3 Letters Gold Monogram Name Necklaces close-up

3 Letters Gold Monogram Name Necklace close-up

can make colors like black or gray to glow.
Metallic shoes are a perfect fit for metal accessories, mostly jewelry, like bracelet, earrings, or name necklace.
You can wear a black dress with Valentino’s Metallic Couture Bow Platform Pump, and along with a golden name necklace. Simple and yet glamorous, this could be a very elegant look suited for any event.
So, metallic shoes are chic and can add a special touch of sparkle and shine in your outfit that is suitable for all occasions.



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