Name Necklace Gift Guide – Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

3 kids pendantChoosing a Mother’s Day gift can be a bit tricky; you want it to say something about this special relationship, but you also want a practical gift that Mom could enjoy all year around, and of course, it never hurts if she can go around showing off your gift and brag about her thoughtful children. That’s what makes a name necklace a great gift choice for Mom.

Here are some useful ideas on matching the name necklace to the happy mom:

Are we talking about a new mom? maybe you are buying a gift for your wife who has just turned into a new mom, and is now celebrating Mother’s day for the first time on the recieving end? Here you could opt for a lovely name necklace that features your baby’s name,perhaps with a sweet teddy bear name pendent that will always remind you both of the first year as parents.

If Mom has two kids, you can get her a two words gold plated name necklace with the names of both her children.

Does Mom have 3 kids or more? you can order this cute chain with 3 kids pendants or as many pendents as the number of kids in your family, where every pendent marks the first letter in the name of each child. Also, book her a massage at a spa, because she is probably has a lot on her hands..
Another option is a classic cursive pendent made from the first letters of the name of all the children.

A proud soccer of football mom would love a sports name necklace with the name or team number of her young sports star.

Of course, if your mother prefers more conservative designs, you can always say it all with a classic I Love You heart pendent.

Check out hip mom Beyonce’s name necklace – she’s rocking a lovely necklace dedicated to her baby Blue Ivy.

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