Name Necklace Gift Guide – Valentine’s Day gift ideas

A name necklace, especially one adorned with a heart or cupid, make for a very romantic gift that last all year round. While in general women tend to wear pendants that carry our own names, a Valentine’s Day name necklace gift is all about two becoming one.

This is exactly the sort of occasion for which the 2 words name necklace was invented. These pendents set your name along with your valentine’s name on one pendant, with an option to have them joined by a romantic icon.

Here two there are several possible styles:

2 words gold plated cursive name necklace
The 2 Words Gold Plated Cursive Name Necklace maintains a very good balance between classy and sweet, which makes it suitable for all ages. It’s a bit bigger than a regular name pendent, but still not too big, and it has the classic look of the popular Carrie name necklace style. Based on this design, there are additional options for 2 words name necklaces that include a small cupid or a heart between both names. This style might feel a bit too flowery for older women, but it looks very sweet on teens.

I LOVE YOU Gold Plated Heart PedantIf you are shopping for a woman with a more traditional taste, rather than a trendy one, a heart shape “I Love You” pendent would make your lady very happy. This pendent has a subtle design, and a classic look.


Two Hearts with Letters Gold Plated Name NecklaceTwo Letters with a Middle Heart Sterling Silver Name NecklaceAnother option you can go for, is the joint heart pendent, where each heart contains the first letter of your names, or a pendent where a heart connects these letters. In both cases the design works for both women and teenagers; and while it still keep the classic heart shape motif, the design makes it a bit more adventurous.

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