Name Necklace with Birthstone

Name necklaces are glamorous and cool with a powerful sense of individuality.  Ideal for friends and family, these special necklaces are perfect for those special occasions like birthdays, graduations and anniversaries.  A name necklace presents an excellent opportunity to give a fun, memorable tribute to a deserving friend that could spark a new gift-giving tradition.  This type of jewelry commemorates the uniqueness of a person, and birthstones can make a name necklace even more special and extraordinary.

Decorated with their own birthstones, a gold or silver name necklace can feel exclusive yet deeply personal and powerful to the person.  From September’s Sapphire to May’s Emerald, every month is celebrated by its own impeccably carved gem and accent a necklace perfectly.  Each birthstone represents it’s own meaning and history that makes a name necklace all that more special and unique.  Undoubtedly, there are elements of one’s personality embedded in the story of their stone; however, the stones themselves represent various meanings appropriate for many occasions.

Name Necklaces with Birthstones

NameNecklace with Birthstone

As a symbol for health, wisdom and passion, July’s ruby would make for strong, empowering name necklace for an ambitious individual.  For a friend or family member who needs thoughts of good health, November’s citrine symbolizes healing and wellness.  Since January’s garnet represents eternal friendship and trust, lifelong friends could wear the namesake of the other.  The soft, milky rainbows of October’s Opal would make for a truly special necklace for a creative, intriguing individual. September’s classic sapphire is the symbol for protection and would provide a sentimental yet strong name necklace for a loved one.

Name necklaces indeed make a fantastic gift because they’re fashionable, fun and easily accessorized with different styles.  However, this jewelry can be a well-deserved purchase for oneself to represent the power of individuality with glamour.  Crafted in elegant cursive or simple lettering, name necklaces make a bold, charismatic statement for high-end evenings or provide a little sparkle for a casual day.  With February’s amethyst purple or March’s aquamarine blue, the versatility of birthstone name necklaces can enhance a look even more.
A favorite of Hollywood and the music industry, name necklaces have been on the rise for years and notably worn by Sarah Jessica Park from “Sex and the City”, Jennifer Lopez and Gwen Stefani.  While these necklaces are often presented with an extravagant edge, they’re also crafted with a softer, simpler aesthetic that’s ideal for a young child.  A subtle and sweet name necklace with simple birthstones could be a gift from a mother to her daughter. The blend of birthstones and name necklaces presents a unique opportunity to celebrate love, friendship and the power of one’s own individuality.

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