The Name Necklace Gift Guide

carrienamenecklaceWhen you are looking for stylish gift that will never go out of style and carries a personal touch, a name necklace is always a safe choice. Nothing warms our hearts like the sound of our own name, or the names of our loved ones, and thanks to a stunning variety of designs, it’s easier to personalize your gift according to the taste of the receiver.

There are many turns in life and special occasions that can be celebrated with a gift of a name necklace. It makes for a great birthday present, Valentine’s day gift, mother’s day gift, or baby shower gift, to name a few.

The purpose of our gift guide is to help you match the right style to the occasion that you are celebrating, because it is the subtleties of design that turn a lovely gift into the perfect gift.

What are the key features you should be aware of?
The first is pendent size. Are you buying a name necklace for a grown woman, or a girl? If you are shopping for a girl, make sure that the pendant is proportionate to her neck.

The second key feature is of course font style. The classic cursive letters gold Carrie name necklace – made popular by the TV show’s fashion icon – works for all ages, but while young girls would love the monogram style pendent, older women might prefer the sophistication of the vertical pendant.

Other than these two elements, we need to take into account the occasion, and the personal style of the person for whom you are buying a name necklace.
Here are more detailed guides:
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