The New Twist on Gold Name Necklaces

gold name necklace SKU NNS1001

gold name necklace with red finish

This summer has seen a really interesting trend shift in jewelry. Usually, the bright colors that have been so popular this season, like aqua and coral, are paired with cooler metal toned jewelry. Previously, these colors would have naturally thought to compliment silver. In the last few months, we’ve seen the exactly opposite and it’s kind of refreshing!

The larger bib style necklaces and name necklaces that have been popular all summer have kept gold tones at the forefront of design, reminding us how versatile gold tones can be. Many high end and popular designers, like Kate Spade, have embraced the trend. One difference we’ve noticed is that the silver styles of last year, which were much chunkier, have gone by the wayside and the current trend is much more delicate.

Gold wire has been huge as it’s been used not only in creating perfectly designed script style gold name necklaces but that same wire style and is used to connect great big bauble beads to trendy necklaces. The focus has shifted off of the actual material used and onto the design of the piece. The bigger and more grand the design, the better. All summer long, we’ve been enjoying the results of these design shifts and can’t wait to see what the fall brings!



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