What Shoes to Wear This Summer?

In fashion, “summer” doesn’t mean only “hot weather”, but colorful, loose and comfortable outfits; and it is not only about the clothing; accessories like necklaces, bags, shoes, are also changing from season to season. Name Necklace, for example, can be easily added to any outfit, they are elegant and, if you choose a golden name necklace, it will add a luxurious touch to your look.
When we talk about shoes, almost all women are looking for footwear that is fashionable and comfortable. So, what shoes to wear this summer?
This season is all about the colors. You can wear shoes with strong, attention-grabbing colors, from bright blue to red or lime green. Thick heels and platforms are also fashionable and they are much more comfortable than thin heels, while still looking sexy or glamorous.
The printed dresses and shoes (like latest Littlewood‘s Ireland’s collection) are also another trend this summer; with floral, graphic or abstract prints, they will sure capture the attention of everyone and make you look very stylish. Also, shoes with transparent heels or details are another must-have of this summer.
Pointy shoes are also back in fashion. They are feminine and elegant and the perfect choice for both elegant and casual outfits.

gold monogram necklace

Golden Monogram Necklace

Colored, transparent or pointy, for every woman the first and most important aspect of a pair of shoes is its commodity. So, no matter the season, shoe designers will always try to combine commodity with fashion.

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