Who Wants Personalized Parents?



When we were kids most of us secretly, or not so secretly, wished that we had slightly hipper parents than we actually did. It was a way of extending our idolization of celebrities, wondering why we couldn’t have been blessed with parents that rocked out. This happened because these celebrities were young and cool and our parents, well, were not.
Entertainment magazines always show young Hollywood parents and try to make famous parents seem just like normal parents. Headlines read, “They take their kids to the park!” or “They eat ice cream!”
Strangely, the more I see these family photos, the more I once again want to be a celebrity’s child, which is odd considering being full grown. These kids seem effortlessly cool as they are being raised in a perfect circle of fashion and gorgeousness. Case in point is Kingston Rossdale, son of Gwen Stefani, solo artist and of No Doubt, and Gavin Rossdale of Bush. That means he’s got cool genes and cool jeans.
The kid trumps everyone on the playground in the hip factor. I saw a picture on him on a red carpet with a leather jacket, his spiky ‘do and rocking a name necklace. Not any kids jewelry.

 Gold Plated Football Pedant Personalized Necklace

Kids Jewelry

This “dog tag personalized necklace” had his name written on a guitar pick. It’s probably one his dad has actually used. That’s got to up the bragging ante. It’s hard to top that but it begs one question. With as fashion forward parents as Kingston has, who does he want to be his parents when he’s mad at Mom and Dad?

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